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The “Your ‘Bones’ Story” Project

Well, as much as it pains us to say it…the upcoming Season 10 of ‘Bones’ just might be the last. And of course, we are not going to let that pass without some fun and games. :)
Our first and longest-running project, the “Your ‘Bones’ Story” project, is kicking off in a few weeks and we need everyone’s help. Each week, we would like to post (here, on our main board and Facebook pages) a fan’s story on how they started watching Bones. We’ll post some guidelines (things we’d like to hear from you) and then ask you to email us with your stories. Please do not post them at Bonesology! We would like to feature each entry, so if you could send them to our official email, we would appreciate it. 
The first set of stories will be from our admins and mods, and then we’ll move on to our members here. So please, check out the guidelines below and send us your ‘Bones’ story!
~1000 words or less. 
~Explain how, when and why you started watching ‘Bones’, and how you ended up here at Bonesology.
~Tell us about your favorite character, episode(s) and bodies.
~Tell us about your least favorite character, episode(s) and bodies.
~Tell us what you will miss most about the show, if this is indeed the last season.
~Tell us your hopes, dreams and expectations for the final season.
That’s it! Email us at with your story …we’ll let you know when it will be posted!
Thank you so much for your help!
The Staff at Bonesology

Every Friday this summer (starting June 20th) we will be posting a short prompt for our writers to take on. There are no rules beyond what the prompt itself sets forth (some will be more restrictive than others) other than we ask that you post your response to each prompt at Bonesology (with the week’s date attached), in the forum we’ve designated.

Good luck and happy writing!